Vinumibiza was born in 2014. Goran Krstanovic, is the name behind the company Vinum Ibiza. After 22 years of experience in the gastronomy I decided to take my passion to the next level and starting a new direction. My sommelier title from 2006 opened new doors to the best restaurants in the world. The last years I dedicated myself to the high gastronomy in Ibiza, putting all my wine knowledge into practise and making new contacts in the wine industry and gastronomy in Ibiza and on the mainland.

Due to my passion for wine I decided to follow this wonderful challenge, offering great quality wines of small national and international wine makers, focusing on wines with character, diversity and biodinamism, great champagnes and sparkling wines - unknown on the ibicencian market. It is all about wineries, which are not yet represented on the island but very successful in other countries. At the same time we merchandise the great and excellent names of the international winemakers to very competitive prices. We invite you to discover a new world of excellent wines.
Discover a new world of excellent wines.
Vinum Ibiza.